Christmas Special Heated Pool Paradise Found III

Fort Lauderdale fishing is the number one proof of the theory that Southeast Florida just does not have a low season. With unusual proximity to the northbound Gulf Stream, the city is only a couple of miles away from nutrient-rich waters that are filled with pelagic fish. With numerous attractions close by to keep the family entertained, this is a city where you can fish for days on end and never have a dull moment. Fort Lauderdale is known by some as the “Sailfish Capital of the World”. The period from Fall through Spring sees huge numbers of Sailfish come just within a couple of miles of the city’s coastline. They come here via a passage of water known as “Sailfish Alley,” which passes just a mile offshore and has waters 120-180 ft deep. Located just beyond the reefs and on the inner edge of the Gulfstream, this is where almost all of Fort Lauderdale’s Sailfish are caught, with high season running from December to January. If you want a Sailfish selfie with a condominium in the background, this is the place for you.